Our Team

Our team predominantly consists of state-approved educators and there is one so called “jumper” (Psychologist) and an educator assistant, that deputize for them in case of illness or holidays, to be sure there is always two educators in each group. Additionally we have three kitchen fairies that cater for magnificent food and one employee that is taking care of the garden.

The task of the management is fundamentally the formalities for registration, any kind of contracts and the finance. Kristina Naranjo Kuchta is the person in authority for the management. The chairman of the association is Andreas Hahn.

The coordination of the educational team is lead by Victoria Lück, that disposes of a wide experience in the field of child education. Simultaneously she has a “jumper” that supports her whenever she is absent, so she has control over the groups and the educational work. Under her guidance there is monthly team meetings of the educational team, in which the different tasks are assigned, the activities are organised and they exchange information about education. Additionally she is supported by two experienced educators named Sabine Heinze and Camino Quintanilla.

Every year we incorporate a great number of interns from the professional education schools in Berlin and also from the European exchange program.

We attach great importance to a good education of our educators.
All employees of the institution participate in further trainings regularly.
To ensure an ideal coordination, collaboration and support the team meetings take place monthly.

We already have completed the intern evaluation after the Berliner Bildungsprogramm and are working on the implementation of our targets.

As a completion of this process we have received a corresponding certificate and are therefore part of the educational institution of the higher standards in Berlin.

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