The highlights at a glance

• An environment in which the children feel comfortable and develop

• Qualified and committed educators

• Own kitchen (balanced mixed diet, prepared freshly every day)

• Integrated pre-school work as preparation for the start of school for the group of 5-6 year olds (Pre-school)

• Swimming and Judo (external offer, only for children between 4-5 years)

• Cooperation with the public European school Joan-Miró Grundschule Joan-Miró-GS

• Work after the Berliner Bildungsprogramm

• Early musical education

• Sports in an external sports hall

• Yoga for children with a yoga teacher

• Excursions to libraries, theatre, museums, zoo, forest, swimming pool etc.

• Overnight stays in the Kindergarten

• Scientific experiments

• Material and work following “Mathe-Kings”

• Documentation of education processes

• Keeping of the language diary

• Transparent operation procedures and regular contact for a good cooperation
   with the parents