Spanish is the second most important language after English spoken by over 400 million people. They learn one or more foreign languages simultaneously in their infancy and not like at school age as a foreign language with vocabulary.

In our institution the child experiences both languages according to the concept of immersion, because there is two teachers for each language, one Spanish native speaker and one German native speaker. The children learn both languages at once and in a natural and creative way. They experience the languages and cultures as equal. They will get to know the cultural differences and to accept them. Intercultural competence is a requirement for tolerance and successful participation and integration.

Our educational approach:

A caring and respectful interaction with the child is fundamental for any kind of learning process.
Every child is born active and open-minded to new things.
We create the frame conditions (space, time and a secured, partly prepared environment), in which your child is able to pursue its natural curiosity and make lots of experiences.

We support the children from different social and cultural origins understanding their living environment and allow them to create their own environment.

To accompany and support every child in their development at the best the children are being observed and we keep record of their achievements.

Our educational targets:

Our educational targets are based on the Berliner Bildungsprogramm
(Info BBP), the earning of the following competences embedded in seven areas of education.

Social competence
Learning skills


The seven areas of education:

Body, exercise and health
Social and cultural environment
Communication: Languages, literacy and media
Basics in Mathematics
Basics in science and technology