We dispose of 19 rooms in our building. A part of those are group rooms, the others are being used as secondary rooms for sleeping for the younger children or as multifunctional rooms for regular activities such as music. judo or yoga. Additionally we have a library, a language support room and a pre school. All rooms are equipped with furniture in accordance with age. The halls on the different floors have been painted with beautiful pictures by a Spanish artist.

Furthermore there is lavatories with age-appropriate installations., a big kitchen on the first floor where all the meals are being prepared as well as small kitchens on the other floors to serve the food.

The rooms of the pre school are located on the ground floor of a apartment building really close to our main building. It consists of 3 main rooms, one changing room, a small kitchen and 2 bathrooms.


Our kindergarten has its own kitchen. 3 different meals are being prepared daily using fresh products: breakfast, lunch and dessert and some snacks, such as fruits and bread in the afternoon. The menu is being selected diversified and adequate. The kitchen staff is regularly participating in further education.


We are trying to go outside with the kids everyday . Either on our own playground or in the Schlosspark, which is practically right next to our kindergarten. We also have a small playground right next to the main entrance for our crib children.


In both structures we have two areas:

Each group is supervised by 2 native-language kindergarten teachers. Each one represents one of the two languages we have in our bilingual concept: Spanish and German. The number of children in every room depends on the age of the particular groups. In the crib sector the groups are smaller than in the kindergarten groups.

We take children of the age up to 6 years.

Between 9.00h and 15.00h is the time where most of the children are attendant and educational activities take place. Outside of the core hours children of different groups are being supervised together.

This is necessary because our opening hours of our institution (11,5h daily) does not cover the working hours of our staff. They work in shifts that overlap. Which means, between 9.00h and 15.00h most of the kindergarten teachers are attendant.

Cooperation with parents

Not only children should feel comfortable in the kindergarten and with the teachers but also their parents.
That is the reason why we attach great importance to transparency at work and regular contact with the parents, in addition to the small talk.
Parts of this are regular parent-teacher conferences, one-on-one interview about the development of the child, parent caf├ęs, celebrations and much more.

Therefore we think it is indispensable to create a good relationship to parents.

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Opening hours

Monday - Friday

07:30h - 12:30h (half-day, 4 - 5 hours)
07:30h - 14:30h (part-time, 5 - 7 hours)
07:30h - 16:30h (full-time, 7 - 9 hours)
07:30h - 18:30h (full-time extended, 9 - 11 hours)

Parents must be there 10 minutes before the pick up time.

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